15 Years Experience

designing, analyzing, operating, and debugging networked and distributed systems -- some of which handle Billions of dollars in business transactions.

I work with numerous clients, large and small alike, to solve their systems architecture, design, and scaling engineering problems. I hold a Ph.D. in Computer Science from TU Berlin where I researched networking and distributed systems. Following my Ph.D. I co-founded and directed stacktile GmbH -- a company which offered browser-based containerized development environments until the team was acquired in 2017.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Server/less on AWS/Azure/GCP
  • K8s/Containerization
  • Python/Django/Rust/Go
  • Ansible/Serverless/Terraform Automation
  • App Lifecycle CI/CD/Release Solutions
  • Performance/Scaling Engineering
  • Data Engineering
  • Process Engineering

Selected Reference Cases

Product Scaling: Seed through Series A

Once product-market fit is achieved, applications need to rapidly scale to accommodate growing demand. I have helped a client in the fintech and machine learning sector in such a scenario design and execute its migration from a PAAS to an AWS-based deployment to accommodate its customer growth to handle billions of Euros in business transactions.

Product Conception to Launch

At stacktile GmbH my team and I developed a web application for the developer tools sector to let virtually any developer tool run containerized without the need to download or install anything. Behind the scenes, the product orchestrated multiple different cloud services to provide an instant-on experience where developers run and collaborate on almost any software directly in the browser.

Cloud Architecture Solutions

When developing a brand new product, there are myriad choices to be made concerning an application's architecture and operational life-cycle. I have helped a client in the machine learning sector to navigate the formidable trade-off problems of this design space. The solution which is founded on a serverless application architecture has enabled them to realize a fast initial product roll-out and validation cycle.